CD Review
Gwen Stefani – This Is What the Truth Feels Like
By Andy Upton

1f69c390d6584c22acf25e10e55ef716.1000x1000x1Ah………….. rebound albums – some people love them, others not so much. Gwen Stefani’s latest effort will be considered as such by some but it is way more than that. It’s still hard for the old punk in me to visualize Gwen as anything less than the lead singer for No Doubt but I try to keep an open mind. Without giving away her age (or mine) – I’ll just tell you that seemed like a million years ago. Gone are the quirky, upbeat ska/rock songs and in its place – all of the pop music you can handle.

Gwen still has a dreamy voice, is as sexy as ever and will have you bopping your head while listening to this 12 song album. If you are into catching rhythms, electronic beats and sultry vocals = This Is What the Truth Feels Like is the album for you. Standout songs include the opener, “Misery”, “Make Me Like You” and “Used to Love You” (hello Gavin!!!). The upbeat, rocking side of Gwen comes out in “Naughty” and Fetty Wap makes a guest appearance in “Asking For It”. It is obvious that she spent a great deal of time on the introspective lyrics and the emotions run high & low throughout. It’s all a little too sweet for me but I think Gwen has put out a good body of work here that should soothe her rabid fans for a little while.








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