There have been some pretty weird concepts in the musical world but maybe none as what the Dallas area concert fan witnessed last night. Japanese sensation Babymetal was in town and if young female, ninja-like singers in front of a heavy metal band doesn’t seem a bit far-fetched = then you needed to see this to believe it. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what was about to take place but I was sadly mistaken.

Tour mates Skyharbor kicked off the evening with their short set of progressive metal and were duly impressive. What was started out as just a studio project by guitarist Keshav Dhar has morphed into a very legit live group. Their dark stage fit the music as heavy guitar riffs were followed by banging drums and Eric Emery’s multi-faceted vocals. The guys picked up the pace as the night went on and finished with a flourish with rapid-fire guitars leading the way. This tour should turn more people onto their music and we’ll see what the future holds for Babymetal.


Photo Credit: Brian Ullrich/Musicblendonline © 2018

Photo Credit: Brian Ullrich/Musicblendonline © 2018


Photo Credit: Brian Ullrich/Musicblendonline © 2018

Photo Credit: Brian Ullrich/Musicblendonline © 2018

After waiting what seemed like nearly an hour, the house lights dimmed, the audience exploded and with the first notes of “IN THE NAME OF” – pandemonium set in. The screams from the crowd just about drowned out the thunderous drums and wailing guitars. This intro song is an instrumental with some really deep, evil sounding lyrics thrown in as Su-metal, Moametal and two backup dancers waved elaborate staffs around. Machine gun speed drums introduce “Distortion” as the full effect of Babymetal is unleashed – the music is phenomenal, the choreographed dancing is a sight to behold and the combination of the two is beyond anything we’ve seen before!!! It was kind of hard to decipher the lyrics with the music turned up to TEN, but it was a spectacle nonetheless.

“Elevator Girl” starts off as a soft J-pop song but quickly turns into a straight up rocker and “Tattoo” might have contained the heaviest riff the Dallas House of Blues has heard this year. The drummer was unbelievably proficient and his kick drum intro to “GJ!” got the audience even further cranked up as they knew the backing lyrics/shouts they were supposed to contribute with no hesitation. Moametal sang lead in this firecracker of a song as the fierce guitar work was surrounded by the audience’s backing vocals. Sumetal took center stage once again during “Akatsuki” as a great guitar solo was hidden behind a wonderfully choreographed “pretend fight” between the girls.

“Megitsune” was another heavy, heavy bass-led tune while the extremely vibrant “Gimme Chocolate” once again had the audience singing every word!!! Never in my life would I have imagined listening to a heavy metal song about chocolate, but here I was in amazement as I couldn’t tell who was having more fun = the band or the audience. Their 2016 hit “Karate” was another heavy hitter as the band’s hyper-speed beat was matched equally by the girl’s dancing routines.

Finishing off their evening with two more bangers, “Road of Resistance” and “The One”, Babymetal definitely thrilled their adoring fans and might have just garner a few new ones. Their infectious smiles, bubbly personalities, spot on dancing/karate moves and heavy metal backing band might just carry this band onto new heights never before imagined!!! I for one was thoroughly impressed with the total package and hope to see them again in the near future.




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