CD Review
Billy Gibbons and the BFG’s
By Andy Upton

bfg640-640x640If you ever want to step way outside of your comfort zone and explore and artist that you think you know all about – then take a listen to ZZ Top’s front man Billy Gibbons’ new album Perfectamundo. The Latin inspire sounds blend well with his bluesy background to give the listener something that they have never experienced. From the opening track, “Got Love If You Want It” to the ending notes of “Q-Vo”, Billy and his side project take you on a trip down the back alleys of Cuba and the small town nightclubs that he started in. You’ll compare the sounds to Santana but they are much more than that whereas they were mostly based around the guitar work of Carlos Santana, the BFG’s blend multiple pieces of studio sound equipment with Billy’s ever fine guitar work to offer the world something different.

“Treat Her Right” is the gem of this eleven song collection and the video is classic Billy Gibbons which might even conjure up some old ZZ Top memories. “You’re What’s Happenin’ Baby” mixes Billy’s machine-contorted vocals with a sublime drum beat that should have you bobbing your head rather quick. The Latin influences are super prevalent in the saucy “Sal y Pimento” and “Hombre Sin Nombre” while “Pickin’ Up Chicks On Dowling Street” is a little more pop/blues. Billy does stay true to his guitar prowess throughout this album but especially on a fine solo during “Baby Please Don’t Go”. Not wanting to be the center of attention on all of the songs, he steps back into the shadows and allows the backing vocals to stand out during “Perfectamundo” and for a fine keyboard solo during the album closing “Q-Vo”. So there it is, if you’re feeling a little adventurous give Billy Gibbons’ Latin-infused effort a listen.


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