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Blacktop Mojo – Dream On video

By Andy Upton


Sometimes we get a little preview of a band’s work before they strike it big on the local or national scene, more likely than not it’s a song or two – well this time it’s a video and I highly suggest you take a look at this one to capture some rising stars out of Palestine, Texas. Blacktop Mojo has just released a video for their take on Aerosmith’s classic “Dream On”.

To say they nailed it would not do it justice as vocalist Matt James goes above and beyond the norm to make this one his own. Lead guitarist Ryan Kiefer picks all of the right notes, rhythm guitarist Kenneth Irwin keeps it all together and bassist Matt Curtis & drummer Nathan Gillis combine to make the little parts of this classic stand out. Do keep your eye out for these guys in the near future as their second album “Burn The Ships” is due out in early 2017.





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