CD Review

Celeb Car Crash – People Are The Best Show

By Andy Upton


ccc_3Formed in late 2012, Celeb Car Crash took shape after the demise of multiple other bands and within six months they had released their first record. Around the world touring and a couple of more stops into the studio later, they have re-emerged with their new effort from 1981 Records, People Are The Best Show. Their sound will remind you of quite a few established acts (Faith No More, Foo Fighters and surprisingly The Toadies) but these four boys from Italy are blazing their own path.

“Let Me In” starts it off with raw power, wonderful vocals and plenty of guitar licks that will have you rocking along in no time. This new disc has something for every taste: catchy guitar work on “The Whereabouts” & “Nothing New Under The Sun”; bright, swaying pop songs such as “Hello, ‘Morning” and bluesy, slower pace songs like “Outdone” and the disc ending “Nearly in Bloom”. The production, effort and experience shine on throughout the album especially on “Because I’m Sad”, “January”, “Enemy’s Desire” and “Hangin’ On A Rope”. If you are a bass guitar freak, you’ll especially enjoy the lines in “Murder Party” and “Stereo (The Body of Christ)”.

Make sure to let the last song play on after the initial song ends and you will be treated to some wonderful piano work as a fitting outro. Nicola, Carlo Alberta, Michelangelo and Simone have put together a nice, new rock album that should please the masses. Keep an eye out for these boys and if they make it through your part of the world = check them out live in what’s sure to be a rocking concert.





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