CD Review
Chvrches – Every Open Eye
By Andy Upton

If minimalistic pop/dance music is your thing, the new album Every Eye Open by Chvrches should be on your “to buy” list today. Lauren Mayberry’s sweet and soft voice can be quite enthralling and you will get lost in the synth-heavy, electronic drum sounds put out by longtime friends Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. The lead track, “Never Ending Circles” sets the tone just right = Lauren’s vocal wavering laid into some beautiful sounds. “Leave a Trace” is a bit more laid back, whereas “Keep You On My Side” is definitely one you might hear at the club. The simplicity of their music is further evident on tunes like “Clearest Blue” and “Down Side of Me” while their pop background stands out on “Empty Threat” and “Playing Dead”. An especially slow and soft song that kind of reminds me of Sinead O’Connor, “Afterglow”, should make every listener at peace with the world around them. The guys take their turns on lead vocals in “High Enough To Carry You Over” and “Follow You” – the first somewhat pop and the latter a haunting visceral tune. Finally finishing up with another danceable pop song, “Bow Down”, Chvrches has put together a really good collection of songs for their loyal fans and hopefully one that will garner them a few more new ones. The whole album might be something you would like to have playing in the background while you clean the house or do your homework, but be careful not to drift off into dream land while mesmerized by Lauren’s incredibly soft voice.



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