CD Review
Crystal Castles – Amnesty (I)
By Andy Upton

Electro-pop band Crystal Castles is back with their recently released Amnesty (I) disc and it introduces the world to their new singer Edith Frances. She is a revelation throughout while paired with Ethan Kath’s songwriting & music making. Coupled along with Christopher Chartrand’s epic drumming abilities, the enormous array of sounds will have your head spinning in no time. From the dreamy vocals to hard core synths, Crystal Castles explore the outer boundaries of music making with no real peer in the industry today.

With Edith’s voice sounding like something out of a futuristic terror movie dream sequence (you old school movie buffs will get the picture), the coolness/creepiness will have you in a trance like state as you listen to each song over and over again. Most of the tunes are short in time but long in thoughtfulness – a product of Ethan’s desire to be on the cutting edge & develop his sound vision for the world to enjoy. Standout songs include the dance floor driven “Char”, white-noise inspired “Teach Her How to Hunt”, “Chloroform” and the haunting “Their Kindness Is Charade”. This new effort has lasting power as it may be the best to date for these Canadian synthpop stars – so if dancing the night away is your idea of a good time, get your hands on Amnesty (I) as soon as you can.

01 Femen
02 Fleece
03 Char
04 Enth
05 Sadist
06 Teach Her How to Hunt
07 Chloroform
08 Frail
09 Concrete
10 Ornament
11 Kept
12 Their Kindness Is Charade

All band’s proceeds from album will be donated to Amnesty International.





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