New Music Review
Eve To Adam – Odyssey
By Andy Upton



New York City’s guitar driven, anthemic hard rock band EVE TO ADAM is back with an explosive new album entitled Odyssey put out by Rocktagon Worldwide Music, produced by Michael Baskette (Slash, Alter Bridge, Tremonti) and a pioneer in the Electronic Metal world, Zardonic. The album has taken a life of its own, pairing the fresh new sounds and talents of two leading producers in their respective genres.

There is much to like about this new album; in fact, more and more each time I listen to it. The production values are off the charts, while the musicianship is wildly professional.

If one is looking for comparisons, I would point them towards Disturbed on the harder songs and Skillet on the lighter ones. While there are slight differences in their music than most hard rock bands out today, their skill and Taki’s vocals do carry this to another level. The songs that do standout on Odyssey are the hard-driving, guitar rich “Tongue Tied”, “Lucky” and “The Price”; whereas slower more melodic tunes such as “Undertow” and “Emergency” are fine pieces of musicianship. The electronica influences are most prevalent in the songs “Altitude” & “Hurt Me” and are a refreshing change of pace.

Eve to Adam’s adrenaline laced live show has become their signature cornerstone. ETA front man and founder Taki Sassaris says that “Rock and Roll is far from dead, and in fact it is making a huge comeback. I have dedicated my life to the fact that there is no greater, dynamic live art form than a Rock band firing on all cylinders, leaving a piece of their soul on the stage and taking the crowd with them on a roller coaster ride through the emotional spectrum of the human experience! We live to push these boundaries every night. That’s what this is all about!




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