Indie pop band Foster the People came through Dallas last Tuesday night, much to the delight of their adoring fans. With plenty of flashing bright lights and enough instruments onstage for two bands, the sold out Dallas House of Blues was ready for this LA-based group. I knew that their sound relied heavily on keyboards, but I was still a bit surprised to see nearly a half dozen sets up there.


It didn’t take long for the squealing to begin – lead vocalist Mark Foster strolled out onto the stage to the delight of his adoring fans. Launching right into “SHC”, the band sounded great from the first note. “Helena Beat” got the entire House of Blues audience dancing and singing along to the words. The stage lights and backing visuals were on a different level that most bands we’ve seen recently. Bright whites gave way to fantastic colors throughout the nearly two hour set.

Foster the People took great strides in including songs from their entire discography – from their 2011 debut Torches, into their sophomore effort from 2014 Supermodel and right through to their most recent release III. I thought that the songs from Torches, “Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)” was fantastic, were the ones best received by the audience as well as the brand new songs “SHC”, “Pay the Man” and “Doing It for the Money”. Other notable songs were “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon”, “Pseudologia Fantastica” and “The Truth”. As with most acts that have come through town lately, the saved their number one hit for the encore – “Pumped Up Kicks” sent the packed audience into a frenzy.

With all of the band members playing multiple instruments, there was always something different & exciting going on. Guitarist Sean Cimino was just as proficient on the keyboards as he was on the guitar, keyboardist Isom Innis also played some electronic percussion in addition to providing some timely backing vocals while drummer Mark Pontius pounded away on his kit throughout the set. Touring musician Phil Danyew was an added bonus as he performed admirably on the keyboards, guitar and backing vocals. However; vocalist Mark Foster was the focal point of the show – the audience reacting to every one of his moves, lyrics or gestures. He was quite the showman and seemed like he had enough energy to go well into the night. Foster the People put on a great show this time around and as one concertgoer Jason put it: “it was awesome, better than the first time I saw them!!!”




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