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Love Ghost – Love Ghost

By Andy Upton



Always on the hunt for fresh, new music – we have been introduced to a very young quartet out of Los Angeles named Love Ghost (you’ve got to see their logo = it’s pretty freakin’ cool). Started by 15 year old vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Finn Bell last year, these teenagers seem to have it all together as evidenced by the three singles they have recently released.

You’ll find yourself comparing them to a host of 90’s bands but while that may be the initial charm that lures you in, their song structure and musical prowess will have you hooked for good. “Friday Afternoon” begins with Bell’s grunge-infused guitar overlaid by Mya Greene’s incredible string arrangements and carries on with Bell’s dreamy vocals as multifaceted sounds fill the background. A beautiful guitar intro turns quickly into some painful lyrics (especially for such a young band) on “Mystery Box” as the production value soars through the roof with distant, eerie guitar work giving way to a straight-forward rocker. Ale Sierra on drums and Ryan Stevens on bass stand out on “Forgive Me” as the intro reminds me of The Cure but the remainder of the song sounds like Nirvana. Music Blend will keep an eye (and ear) on these teenagers from the West Coast and we’ll see if their initial offerings turn into a long, prosperous career.






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