Nuthin’ but a Good Time Tour 2018


The Dallas area music fans were treated to quite a special show last Saturday night at the Toyota Music Factory – the one and only Poison was back together again and brought along the ever popular Cheap Trick with special guest Pop Evil. This bill had a little bit of everything = 80’s metal, classic rock-n-roll and some newer rock that some people might not have heard yet.

I have only heard one Pop Evil song on the local rock station, “Footsteps (Go Higher)”, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However; after a few songs I have to say I was impressed, not only by their sound (which was right up my alley), but their musicianship as far as their playing ability. With a very heavy percussion sound, lead by their newest member on drums Haley Cramer, Pop Evil sounded great.  With Leigh Kakaty’s lead vocals and very charismatic personality, I expect very good things from Pop Evil in the near future and their set tonight for sure won them some new fans.

I will admit during that after the newer sound of Pop Evil I caught myself needing Cheap Trick to hit the stage and take me back to a time in my life where things were much simpler. I needed to go back to my high school days listening to radio rock tunes like “I Want You to Want Me” and “ Dream Police” in which tonight Rick Neilsen, Tom Petersson and Robin Zander, along with the rest of the band played those tunes and a few more favorites exactly like they had played it live for the first time. It was a very clean set and I was actually surprised on how they sounded throughout the evening – they did an awesome job and I loved seeing the young crowd styling out with all the Cheap Trick concert shirts.

The audience was pretty primed by the time Poison came out and being a true 80’s metal fan (and being really in tune with the “Hair Metal” scene back then) I caught myself covered with goose bumps as the lights turned down and the opening music started to play.  You see Rikki Rockett light the drum kit up, with the opening beat to “Look What the Cat Dragged In” then C.C. DeVille & Bobby Dall come dancing out applying the heavy guitar sound. Shortly thereafter you hear Bret’s vocals getting the audience pumped up before he enters the stage with him running out and starting what was a very electric show – holding their own as a legit headliner.

With the set put into full overdrive, they followed with “I Want Action”, “Ride the Wind” and “Talk Dirty To Me”. Bret took the time, as he always he does, to speak about some military personnel that he invited to the show as he pays tribute to their contributions & sacrifice for our country. He then asks the audience to fire up their lighters as they go into “Give Me Something to Believe In” while the audience is swaying back and forth. This was a very intense move on Bret & The Boys’ part to do and I think it really made the show special.

“Your Mama Don’t Dance” and “Fallen Angel” sounded just as good as they did back in the day and in between those tunes – “Unskinny Bop”, “Every Rose” and “Nothing But a Good Time” also were played to near perfection. The audience was entertained with C.C.’s, Bobby’s and Rikki’s solo moments and I have to admit I almost didn’t recognize C.C. with his long brown hair and goatee. Poison had the audience very engaged and banging 80’s style the whole night through. They ended the night with Kiss’ “Rock and Roll All Night” – which was very appropriate because Poison really put the feeling inside me like I had rocked all night and all I wanted to do was to locate the club holding an “after party”!!! I can’t wait until the cat drags Bret and the boys back to Dallas, hopefully we’ll get to enjoy some new music to go along with all of the old classics from the original lineup.


Review by Stacy Carpenter

All Images: © Brian Ullrich/Musicblendonline




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